Kerry Rosvold and Kim Congleton will both be presenting at the Dynamics NAV national user group (NAVUG) conference being held in Houston, March 13th and 14th, 2019.

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Chart of Accounts Is your COA a mess? Did you inherit a legacy structure? Does it provide you the reporting insight you need? Stymied to make change with ongoing operations? Come one, come all – in this session you’ll receive forgiveness and absolution. We’ll walk through the top seven issues and their impacts, and show you exactly how to consolidate, remove, re-organize, clean up, apply dimensions, maintain the detail, improve reporting, and otherwise find the road to redemption.

How to Close Your Books in 3 Days To make a true leap in speed and accuracy with your closing process, you need to drive a paradigm shift in your team’s approach. Faster closings won’t happen by simply doing everything at month-end faster; you need to re-organize the entire process and re-design the tasks with a holistic perspective. We’ll discuss how to evaluate what can be done earlier in the month, how to arrange the activities to suit your team’s capabilities, how to incent your team, and even throw in tips on advanced preparation for your year-end review/audit.

Migrating from Standard Warehousing to Advanced You’ve made the decision to implement advanced warehousing in BC / NAV, what now? Just flip the switch and hope for the best? We don’t recommend it. We’ll walk through step by step what to do in what order and the key settings you don’t want to miss to start you on the right track. We’ll also discuss the impacts to your processes and training needed for your team. Co-presenting with Jason Chance, LIDD.

Change Management is not Rocket Science Change management is often forgotten when IT projects are undertaken. There is often confusion on who owns it: IT or the business. This session will illustrate how critical change management is to the success of any project, regardless of size or scope. We will discuss realistic strategies and approaches for incorporating change management as part of your next project. Co-presenting with Carrie McNally, ArcherPoint.