We don’t often admit it, but as business owners, managers, and team leaders, we truly do love our team members. We care about their personal well-being, about their daily job satisfaction, about their ability to grow and develop as professionals, and about their success at our companies. We don’t express this love in the way we might with our families and friends, and honestly, flowers and candy are simply not appreciated (or appropriate!).

One thing we do when we truly care about people is that we pay attention. We notice how they are doing. We notice when they have successes and failures. And in the workplace, we pay special attention when we see them struggling. When we see our teams make more errors than in the past, when we see them spending more time on something than we think it should take, or when we hear the frustration in their voices, or maybe even get that information directly, we want to do something about it.

Investing in our teams’ professional development is one of the ways we can show we pay attention, and we care, and we want to do something tangible to help the team. Training is one of the best ways to do that because it shows our team:

It’s not just about the daily work

Their ideas and different ways of thinking are valuable

We want them to be challenged and active contributors to solutions

Their expertise is worth investing in and expanding upon

There are just about as many types of training available as there are types of employees, so there is truly something for everyone. If you’ve seen your team struggling and want to find a way to infuse a boost of confidence, intellectual stimulation, renewed and refreshed thinking, and yes, even LOVE, consider investing some time in training.

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