2Our Annual Consulting Package provides a fresh look at current business practices and will reveal opportunities for improvement that simply involve process change. We work with your accounting, operations, and warehouse teams to utilize proven processes used by other companies or improve and streamline existing processes.

Many businesses only focus on their systems when they begin to think about an upgrade. We believe planned and regular improvement to the investment in your ERP and WMS systems is an absolute necessary and expected activity.

You need a trusted advisor who understands the goals you must accomplish as a business and assists you to execute them in a continuous, achievable and affordable way. Our annual consulting package ensures you have available experts with a continuity plan in place for one of your business’ largest investments – your ERP and WMS systems.

As your business partner, we will:

  • Learn what your business goals are
  • Apply those goals to actionable recommendations for improvement to your business processes
  • Create a one year plan for the prioritized actions you choose to accomplish
  • Work in collaboration with your other business partners to accomplish additional work identified during the planning process and throughout the year
  • Deliver training on a quarterly basis, if included in the annual plan
  • Schedule a quarterly progress review on the plan and to adjust for necessary business changes and new needs
  • Measure and report back on the results for accountability

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