6If your company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our Specialty Consulting services are exactly what you need! Our experts are experienced Corporate Controllers who use this software every day. When you need help with month end close, review of financial setups, or advice on procedures, we bring over 20 years of experience using NAV.

Controllers Boot Camp  Have you hired a Controller or CFO who is new to NAV? Does your finance team have the deep knowledge necessary to administer the financial side of your accounting software? Do you have questions about the correct setup of your system? Are you considering changes to your dimensions or posting groups? Do you need to improve your financial reporting? This week long training session dives deep to accomplish a complete tour of application setup and best practices for financial processes. 

Dynamics NAV Process Training and Documentation  As experienced Controllers who have used NAV every day for their jobs, our experts can advise on best practices for NAV processes as well as provide real-world tips and tricks to help your team deal with system limitations. We can advise on how to work along with your specific company processes, provide training, and construct documentation you can refer to later.

Financial Reporting with Dynamics NAV Account Schedules  If you’ve never used NAV Accounts Schedules, if someone else built them for you, or you need some review on how to use them, we can get you going. We can train you on how to design them or design them according to your specifications.

Financial Reporting with Jet  If you are looking for help with existing Jet Reports or want new reports designed, we can train you on how to design them or design them according to your specifications.

Financial Setup Evaluation  Are you concerned that your NAV setup just may not be working correctly? Do you have specific accounting problems that aren’t making sense? Are you trying to clean up your chart of accounts? Have you had to make a lot of reclassification entries to keep things going? Our experts can review your current setup and inform you how things are working today, make recommendations for change, and assist you in fixing errors.

Posting Groups and Dimensions Setup or Revision  Do you want to re-evaluate what is going on with your company’s dimensions or posting groups? Are you ready to make some changes? Are you planning a re-implementation and want to evaluate some different choices? We can work through what you can, should, and should not do to get the results you want.

Dynamics NAV Role Center and Profile Customization  If your company is still using the Sales Order Processor or President role, this package is for you. Spend the time to simplify the tool your team uses every day in a way that allows them to focus only on the tasks they need to do.

Contract Controller or CFO with NAV experience See our page on the services we offer for accounting process evaluation, process evaluation for month end close, year end preparation, and audit preparation assistance. Our experts are experienced Controllers with deep NAV experience who can assist your company with interim work if you are in the process of searching and hiring a new Controller or CFO.

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